B&H Construction Inc. performs a hands-on approach to monitoring all projects. We pride ourselves on consistency for all projects regardless of the size. This allows for a complete project within budget and on time. It also allows for the satisfaction of the Owner and repeat Clients.

All projects are assigned a Project Manager, Project Superintendent, Project Engineer and a LEED AP if required. BHC works closely with the Architect and Engineers of Record to answer all RFI’s, review Submittals, and plans to determine any changes required to make the project run as smoothly as possible.

Communication with the Owner is key to any Project, Design Build or hard bid. The Architect and General Contractor must be flexible in all areas to accommodate the wishes of the Owner. Making sure all of the Owners needs and wants are met for any project is crucial to a successful build.

Communication between the Designers and GC is the building block of any project. Internal Communication between the Design Team and GC is going to guarantee a successful project and a satisfied Client. It will also ensure that the project is completed on time.

With an open line of communication between the Owner, GC, and Design Team, the General Contractor will be able to control the Schedule and the Budget. BHC implements Primavera 3 Scheduling software and Expedition Project Management Software for our Scheduling and Project management of every project. This allows for accurate tracking and control of our projects.

Each Superintendent is responsible for quality control on their projects and is closely monitored daily by them. The Project Manager, Project Engineer and Design Team also monitor QAA to ensure that a project of the highest quality is presented to the Owner at completion.

At the Completion of every BHC project we perform our own internal punch-list in conjunction with any list from the Architect and Consultants. The Owner is also welcome to add their concerns. All punch-list items are corrected before final payment is billed. Warranties are covered for whatever specified duration in the specifications. Warranty repairs are addressed as received in a timely manner so as not to affect any operations by the Owner.


B&H Construction Inc. is very concerned with safety and we have a Safety Program that is implemented on each and every project we construct.  Each of our Superintendents has gone through the mandatory OSHA training and we offer ‘toolbox’ training classes with all Subcontractors weekly.

Because of our commitment to safety a Safety Statement is published and updated as needed or required. We have developed an Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) with the intent of reducing accidents and illnesses.  BHC designates an IIPP Administrator who will be responsible for implementation and maintenance of the Injury and Illness Prevention Program.  The IIPP Administrator will report directly to the Design-Build Director, Ray Hoffman, the President of B&H Construction Inc., regarding safety issues.

Additionally, we have a full-time Safety Manager in place, who audits safety records quarterly as well as performs weekly job-site safety walks. Superintendents have a bound, written copy of the safety program and are required to respond to incidents based on the program. Again, our Superintendents are trained through OSHA programs, and our goal is a Zero accident rate.

The Superintendent will conduct weekly safety meetings that include the signature of any person in attendance and is responsible for keeping originals on the job-site at all times. BHC has a written Orientation Policy for new employees and they are provided guidance in selection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), dress code, proper clothing and safety gear, good housekeeping requirements, fork lift/scissor lift training, use of power tools, emergency evacuation procedures, and fire prevention requirements. BHC also maintains copies of all OSHA/MSDS information provided from subcontractors in the job-site trailers for quick reference in the case of an emergency.

BHC takes a serious approach to safety, as evidenced by our OSHA 300 Accident logs, and only one violation in the previous 9 years.  While minor in nature, an employee was cited for reaching over a parapet wall to nail off plywood. BHC took a proactive approach to resolving and correcting the problem, with no further violations since that time.  BHC’s Safety Manager attends weekly coordination meetings to ensure all superintendents and subcontractors are working as safely as possible.

BHC has an excellent safety record, with an exceptionally low Workman’s Compensation Claims reported, due to the implementation of the safety program described above along with the Superintendent’s Safety training.  Accidents are investigated and documented in writing to prevent recurrences.

Employees are encouraged to report unsafe work acts or workplace hazards without fear of reprisal. Notices will be posted at the job site by the IIPP Administrator for anonymous reporting of unsafe working conditions.  At each safety meeting, employees are given a safety reporting slip to be used for reporting hazardous conditions.

BHC allocates funds each fiscal year for improving safety within our organization. We are committed to a policy of SAFETY FIRST AND FOREMOST before productivity or profit. B&H Construction Inc. expects full cooperation from our subcontractors in all areas of the safety program in order to provide a safe work environment at all times.