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Las Vegas, Nevada
Project Type: Design-Build Metal Building & Additions
Project Size: 32,597 sq. ft.
Owner: City of Las Vegas
Contact Info: Jon Cook
400 East Stewart Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Ph: 702.229.6535 Ext. 4628
Fax: 702.464.5703
Email: jcook@lasvegasnevada.gov
Architect: SH Architecture
Project Cost: Contracted: $3,509,000.00
Final Cost: $3,786,808.44
Completion Date: October 2010
The 32,597 sf Pavilion Center Pool Cover Project provides a cover over the existing heated pool facility allowing for year round use. The pre-fabricated metal building structure was a Butler PEB Design-Build scope incorporated into the Project’s requirements, thus BHC worked closely with the Project Team to deliver a building system incorporating special design components such as an automated retractable roof system, translucent wall panels and suspended sound dampening systems. The cover was designed and was constructed as a Green Globe project. Building of the long-span structure over the existing 12,375 s.f. outdoor pool, diving facilities, concession areas, and pool house facilities required special attention to every construction task and an exceedingly high level of quality control. Coordination of construction activities, the schedule and Municipal inspections are an imperative part of the construction process and one BHC maintains diligently.