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Nye County School District - Floyd Elementary

Pahrump, Nevada
Contractor: B&H Construction Inc.
Architect: Zach Broyles, Project Manager, Carpenter Sellers Architects
Key Subcontractor: Helix Electric
Project Type: Elementary School
Project Size: 55,417 Square Feet
Project Cost: Contracted: $16.4 Million
Final Cost: $15.4 Million
Owner: Nye County School District
Contact Info: Dave Wonderly
601 E. Calvada
Pahrump, NV 89048
Phone: 775-727-2459
Completion Date: August 2007
Ron and Charlotte Floyd Elementary School is a 55,417 square foot Elementary School situated on twelve acres in Pahrump Nevada. The School was designed with a compact layout utilizing a central corridor and four separate classroom wings. Each classroom wing is identified with a common color scheme for wall and floor patterns providing an intuitive wayfinding that helps both students and visitors navigate the school. The site was designed to separate school bus traffic from parent traffic. Courtyard areas were created between classroom wings to provide protection from the hot desert sun and high winds.

B&H Construction was the General Contractor on the School and worked with one of our Key Subcontractors on this project, Helix Electric. BHC and Helix also shared the successful completion of this project with Zach Broyles, Project Manager who at the time was employed with Carpenter Sellers Architects.