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Spencer St. Congregate Care Phase 2

Las Vegas, Nevada
Project Type: Bid / Build / Addition
Project Size: 9,508 Square Feet
Owner: Accessible Space
Contact Info: Dan Billmark
2550 University Avenue
Suite 330N
Saint Paul, MN 55114
Ph: 800-466-7722
Email: dbillmark@accessiblespace.org
Project Cost: Contracted: $2,402,275
Final Cost: TBD
Project Dates: NTP: October 2020
Completion: July 2021
This 9.508 square foot Congregate Care Addition consists of a Three-story wood framed, fully sprinkled building addition, built on to add more care units to Phase 1. The building addition includes (18) single bedroom, single bath fully accessible care units is combined with common area access to care spaces for patients with (TBI) Traumatic Brain Injuries. This addition provides integral access to spaces within Phase 1 which include a large Main Treatment Room, smaller auxiliary Treatment Rooms, Group Rooms, a Multi-Purpose and Dining Room with full service Commercial Kitchen, Staff Offices and Medical Closets.